Amanda Seyfried on the cover of the March issue of Glamour

Amanda Seyfried on the cover of the March issue of Glamour Amanda Seyfried appeared on the cover of the March issue of Glamour.Source: Amanda Seyfried on the cover of the March issue of Glamour . . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Pregnant Reese Witherspoon showed her tummy

Pregnant Reese Witherspoon showed her tummy Although the actress has not yet officially confirmed the rumors about her pregnancy, everyone and everything is clear.The other day the paparazzi photographed Reese Witherspoon (Reese Witherspoon) after attending Easter service in Los Angeles. 36-year-old actress looked unbeatable in an elegant pink dress, according to English newspaper the Daily Mail. It is possible that the reason for this radiant beauty is not a dress, and pregnancy Reese.While the Hollywood star has not confirmed the rumors about her pregnancy, but all of her fans and everything is clear. Because Reese does not hide her growing belly. A source close to the family of the actress, said that 8-year-old deacon and 12-year-old Ava (children Reese from his marriage to actor Ryan Philippe) looking forward to the appearance of the brother or sister. Source: Pregnant Reese Witherspoon showed her tummy . Читать полностью -->

Charlie sheen lashed out at Kutcher with insults

Charlie sheen lashed out at Kutcher with insultsFamous Hollywood actor and star of the Comedy "Hot shots" Charlie sheen did not stay a good boy. Artist broke down and expressed what she thought about my colleague Ashton Kutcher.Charlie sheen is known for his violent temper and unbalanced character, thanks to which he often had fights with your loved ones and work colleagues. The actor then usually apologized and tried to be "white and fluffy".He remained there until the next outburst. So this time Charlie "ran" over Ashton Kutcher, who replaced him in the Comedy series "Two and a half men". By the way, the serial film is a huge success among the audience, which could not affect the Charlie pride, dismissed from this popular project because of scandalous behavior and boorish statements.Tires lashed out and Kutcher, and the film in General. "I'm tired of lying! I'm tired of pretending that this show turned to shit! I'm tired of saying that Ashton is not shit! Nothing personal, but I really not good for him! He's in the grip of a bad script!" quoted vsplivsego actor website of the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda".One can only imagine how such a statement responded to the many fans of Charlie sheen and Ashton Kutcher. Читать полностью -->

Julia Aisina became a mother for the sixth time!

Julia Aisina became a mother for the sixth time!This Sunday was very light and good holiday - the international day of mother, and on this occasion for the sixth year in a row, the lead designer, Julia Aisina, decided to hold such a celebration for mothers of famous people of Ukraine. may 10, at the restaurant "Currant", the designer decided to collect real treasure women's wisdom by inviting mom star singers, politicians, journalists, athletes. The event was graced by mom: singer Irina Bilyk and Olga and Natalia Sumska, singer and presenter Ivan Dorn, TV presenters Tala Kalatay and Vyacheslav Solomko, footballer Oleksandr Aliyev, the star couple Anton Muharsk and Snezhana Egorova, Alina Grosu,, Olga Kryukova, composer and producer Alexey Large, pop-rock singer Alyona Vinnitskaya.Recall that this is not the first year one of the most controversial figures in Ukrainian show business Julia Aisina is the founder of the club of star moms and annually hosts a party dedicated to the holiday of spring warmth and love and happy invited mom unique gifts. This time the designer has in store for star-mothers exclusive gift - a custom-made swimsuit from designer Julia Aysina.Throughout the evening was warm atmosphere and good mood, which supported the pair leading star, Olga Sumy and Vitaly Borisyuk. Tatiana Shirko, in the early evening singing the song "Mother" moved to tears all the women sitting in the hall, Olga Kryukova has shown remarkable vocals in the form of undying classics as "Chervona Ruta" and Ivan Berezovsky pierced all the moms with their academic vocals.Heroically withstood numerous interviews and never ceased the shooting star moms were able to relax on comfortable couches and a glass of wine to discuss interesting moments in the life of their children. Mom stars with awe and nostalgia talked about the most characteristic actions of their children and have been an unusual women's gifts - "live" cosmetics for face and body from TM Iren Bukur", original exclusive hats from the company "Lucky LOOK", while away summer evenings in the cosy restaurant "Currant".Pearl sophisticated holiday hotel "Grand Pettine" throughout the evening were given to moms nights accommodation in hotels of Odessa, thanks mom Iryna Bilyk and Tala Kalatay - Anna Yakovlevna and Natalia Borisovna immediately decided together to go on holiday. Читать полностью -->

Jamie Waylett was sentenced to 2 years in prison

Jamie Waylett was sentenced to 2 years in prisonBritish actor Jamie Waylett, who played in the films about the young wizard Harry Potter villain Vincent Crabbe, was sentenced to two years in prison for participating in mass riots in London in 2011. The Associated Press reported.The corresponding decision of the court delivered yesterday, March 20. The actor was found guilty of disturbing public order with the use of violence: it was found that along with a few bullies, he participated in the London riots in the North of the British capital on 8 August 2011.During the investigation, 22-year-old D. Waylett admitted that during the riots stole and drank a bottle of champagne. He also said that during the pogroms carried a "Molotov cocktail", which he handed to one of your friends, but not used improvised weapons.In the end, the court acquitted Dmitry Valetta charges in the desire to destroy or damage someone else's property.Note that the young man before had problems with the law - in October 2011. British media reported that the police, who visited D. Читать полностью -->

Nastya Osipova plunged in new novel

Nastya Osipova plunged in new novelSoloist maiden music band "Shiny" Nastya Osipova suddenly dropped everything and flew to Montenegro. Ostensibly to visit a friend. However, it became known that Nastia there meeting with her lover, footballer Nikola PetkoviД‡.Now lives in Montenegro, another participant of the musical group Anna Dubovitskaya, however, the artist acts have not, as it is in an interesting position. It flew to visit on the shores of the Adriatic Nastya Osipova. Perhaps with a friend she really met, however, the true purpose Osipova was not Dubovitskaya, and Petkovic.Nikola Petkovic in the composition of Serbian football club red Star arrived in Montenegro on charges. The PetkoviД‡ 25 years, he was a Serb, and in professional football began play in 2003. Читать полностью -->

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